Yii PHP MVC framework

Yii(Yes it is) is a php mvc framework  in competition with the existing frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend Symfony etc.

Soon it will gain popularity as it has many features such as :

  • MVC design pattern
  • DAO and Active Record
  • jQuery-based JavaScript support
  • I18N and L10N
  • Page, fragment and data caching
  • Error handling and logging
  • Theming
  • Web services
  • Console applications
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Web 2.0 widgets
  • Form input and validation

Following are the Performance comparison :

  • Yii: 673 requests/second
  • CodeIgniter: 206 requests/second
  • Zend: 83 requests/second
  • CakePHP: 79 requests/second
  • Prado: 75 requests/second
  • Symfony: 50 requests/second

People who are interested in using the frameworks should definitely try this 🙂

To know more about this framework, follow the given link:



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    kirti Says:

    how can rename setCantroller
    please tell me config file seting

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