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solved IPN link issue in virtuemart on GoDaddy shared linux hosting

December 14, 2009

Whenever seller accepts a payment, IPN link was not updating the status of the order in virtuemart.

The project is hosted on Godaddy’s shared linux hosting.

Shared linux hosting gives us php.ini file.

In that “set allow_url_fopen = on “.

By default it is off.


Steps to integrate UPS in VirtueMart 1.1.3

July 9, 2009

Steps to create UPS account :
i) Go to
ii) If you don’t already have a Myups User ID and Password, you will need to Register to create one, by clicking on LOGIN at top right of
screen, and then click REGISTER (The username/password will be the USER ID and PASSWORD you use in the UPS VM shipper module.)
iii) Login and then put the cursor over the Blue SUPPORT Tab and click on TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT
v) Click on GET TOOLS
vi) Click on REGISTER in middle of screen
vii) Follow Registration screens, and you will be sent a Developer’s Key from UPS, via email in a few minutes
viii) Go back to > Support > Technology Support > Tools & Resources/Online Tools and under returning customers click get access key.
ix) Select get XML access key
x) Enter your Developer’s Key and hit submit – your UPS access key is displayed. This is the key you need to enter into the VirtueMart ship module.

Steps to configure the UPS in Virtuemart:
i) Click on UPS shipping method
ii) UPS access code :   Enter UPS Access key
iii) UPS user id :  Enter user id used to login in UPS account
iv) UPS password : Enter password used to login UPS account
v) Ship From Zip Code :     [Note : keep this blank.]

IMP : Make sure that Products has weights